obstetrics providers

If you're thinking about getting pregnant be sure you start a prenatal vitamin and start making healthy choices like avoiding cigarettes and limiting alcohol. Sometimes you have to make adjustments to your prescription medications so be sure to review your list with your provider.

If you think your're pregnant and have missed a period, give us a call and we'll be happy to set you up for a visit to confirm your pregnancy and start prenatal care.

Every pregnancy is unique and every baby a treasure- even when it is doing acrobatics on your rib cage at 2 AM. At Family Focused Health Care, we support pregnant women and their families in as continuous a fashion as possible. This means helping you prepare big siblings and making sure partners and grandparents get vaccinated for Tdap. Most of your prenatal visits will be with Dr Caron and no matter when you go into labor, Dr Caron will be on call for you. She will be there when any of our patients deliver in Augusta (barring unusual circumstances) and helps arrange care at higher level care centers in emergency situations. She will care for you and your baby in the hospital. And, when you go home the office will be excited to add your newest family member to our baby board and enjoy watching them grow at every well child check.

"When I became pregnant, I was living out-of-state. I was stuck going to a clinic where parients never see the same provider twice and appointemnts are strictly limited to 15 minutes. It was an awful experience. I moved back to Maine with 2 months to spare in my pregnancy and was incredibly relieved to find Dr Caron could see me. Up until I went to Dr Caron's appointment, I relied heavily on pregnancy books for guidance. Dr. Caron helped me sift through the "advice" in a way that not only set me at ease but prepared me for what was to come (my favorite time: nitrous oxide early and often). Dr. Caron has a gift in the way she communicates. She has compassion but dosen't sugar coat the message- perfect for OB situations. No question is too silly or too weird. My delivery was a series of minor hiccups that rivals any sitcom, but looking back, I can't imagine going through such a major event with any doctor but Dr. Caron. And after, when the sleepless nights and frenzied days set in, Dr Caron was right there as often as I needed with the no nonsense answers that I needed. The staff at FFHC is always friendly and will know you by name. I've never waited more than ten minutes for an appointment, but I've never felt rushed. FFHC will help you breathe a sigh of relief during your pregnancy."

-Katrina L